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On the way to your digital independance… ? The road is clear!
De-google-ify Internet offers you the possibility to follow it in several steps.

Discover and use free alternatives (hosted by Framasoft), with the help of our collaborative documentation to learn how they work, how to log in, how to use their fonctions, etc..


If you have the possibility, freely host the same software directly on your school/association/company/organization thanks to our self-hosting tutorial found in the Framacloud.


You can also look for a trustworthy local webhosting service among the KITTENS, Keen Internet Talented Teams Engaged in Network Services!



These services are software, but this software is set up on someone else’s computer (on what’s called "servers"). Using services offered by Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft… ("GAFAM") means giving them your data, the parts of your life that you put on the Internet. So it’s a matter of trust.

This trust has allowed a handful of companies (GAFAM) to centralize data from a huge part of the population, holding a near-monopoly on our digital lives (an oligopoly). The dangers and stakes are threefold: economic, technological, cultural…

Stakes and dangers

Our approach is simple and consists in determining the self-imposed conditions that may justify such trust. We aim to offer alternatives that respect people and diversity while making it impossible to reproduce such monopolies.

Our proposals

In order for you to determine whether you can trust us, we have published an introduction to our Framasoft network (and to the non-profit that supports it), together with our reports and administrative documention under Who are we?

Biz kimiz?

Contact us

We are a small-scale non-profit (under 40 members, under 10 employees) that has to deal with many different types of requests:

  • taking part in various events ;
  • answering the press and media ;
  • providing assistance with our services ;
  • sharing technical experience ;
  • providing all types of explanation…

In order to answer you in the most human, personal fashion, we have designed a single page that enables us to find the most suitable person for your particular query as quickly as possible. We promise we’ll do our best, but there are only 24 hours to a day ;).

Contact Framasoft

Bizi destekleyin

Like all our actions, our services are not free of charge: they are financed by donations from people who support us through a one off or regular donation. About 90% of Framasoft’s revenues comes from the donation economy and is used to finance:

  • our permanent staff’s salaries ;
  • servers and technical expenses ;
  • travel, flyers and communications ;
  • our participation in the world of free software/libre culture, etc.

Framasoft being an association of general interest, a donation of 100€ in France will cost you 34€ after tax exemption. We have set up a unique site to support us, consult our reports (validated by an auditor), and learn more about the donations received.

Support Framasoft

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