What’s the problem?

The web giants are so powerful that they exercise technical, economic, cultural and political domination over our societies.

These dominations pose many problems for our freedoms:

  • Surveillance capitalism
  • Democratic drift
  • Closure to a single vision of society
  • Centralization of data and attention

What are the solutions?

Free software communities offer ethical alternatives to the centralised platforms by the web giants: It is possible to find trusted services that respect our privacy!

Deconstructing and changing our digital habits also means making efforts on a daily basis. Here are some links to help you in your emancipation:

Design useful tools

Exchanging with others

Having fun

Organize together



But wasn’t there more before…?

Between 2014 and 2019, we have made almost 40 online services available to users with the De-google-ify Internet campaign. In 2019, we have decided to close or restrict some of these services.
Find their alternatives at alt.framasoft.org

Who is behind De-google-ify Internet?

De-google-ify Internet is proposed by a French not-for-profit association: Framasoft

Created in 2004, the association is now dedicated to popular education on the challenges of the digital age and the cultural commons. Our small structure (39 including 11) is known the De-google-ify Internet project (16 ethical and alternative online tools) and for the development of PeerTube, Mobilizon, etc. Recognized as being of general interest Framasoft is funded at 93% by your donations, which are tax deductible for French taxpayers.

Support Framasoft

Because freedom doesn’t mean it’s free…

Framasoft is a not-for-profit which can only keep running thanks to your donations. Do you like what we do? Do you think we’re going in the right direction? If so, and you’re able to make a donation, we’d very much appreciate it!

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In France, thanks to the tax deduction of 66%, your donation of €10 will cost you only €3.

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  • Recurring donations can be stopped anytime, just ask us.
  • If you want to modify your recurring donation, please contact us, we will stop the current one and you will be able to make a new one.
  • Tax receipts (in France only) are sent by postal mail in March/April 2025 (before tax declaration) for 2024 donations
  • Financial and activity reports can be found on the not-for-profit page
  • If you have more questions, you may find answers there

Campaign began on 07/10/2014
Last modification on the 18/07/2022