Draft a text online, as a team, in real time, with the help of a time slider, chat, comments… (alternative to Google Docs).


Collaborate online, in real time, on spreadsheets (an alternative to Excel365, Google Spreadsheet).


Create a collaborative online and real time table of notes, to animate your brainstorming sessions (alternative to Padlet).


Merge a pad, a video conference and lots of others tools in a single window with a single web link. Ideal for meetings.

Design useful tools


Design, publish and share mind maps easily, on your own or with others in turn (alternative to


Create an online survey, be it simple or complex, on a platform that’s respectful of your data (alternative to Google Forms).


Customize and add to maps, on your own or in collaboration, and share them with ease (alternative to Google Maps).


Create online slideshows and presentations, with the possibility of collaborating and sharing (alternative to PowerPoint365).

Organize together


Create personal or professional, confidential or public, agendas, on your own or in collaboration, and synchronise them across devices.


Create a team and invite in your collaborators in order to discuss and take group decisions with the help of diverse voting tools.


Obtain or join a videoconference chatroom (with text based web chat and screen sharing) in 3 clicks, from your web browser (alternative to Skype).


Manage your group’s projects with multiple tools: teams, task tables, schedules, reminders and emails… (alternative to Trello).

Communicate with others


Share on an ethical and decentralized social network, without your profile being exploited for the benefit of advertisers (alternative to Facebook).


Create an email group, that’s an unique email address which will distribute emails to all of the addresses in the group (alternative to Google Groups).


Communicate with your team without going through Facebook groups (nor Slack). Picture sharing, public and private channels, indexing…


Communicate through short messages in a public, confidential or private way with this ethical and decentralized alternative to Twitter.

Synchronise and share


Obtain an online storage space for hosting, synchronizing (or sharing) your files (alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive).


Synchronize your notes, pictures and favorite links between devices with all the security of encryption (an alternative to Evernote).


Publish your code - preferably free software - and collaborate with others on a free software forge (alternative to Github).

Share links and files


Sort and preserve your web link (including links to Frama-services) in a web folder (alternative to


Draft texts, notes and code and share them confidentially thanks to end-to-end encryption (alternative to Pastebin).

Improved web experience


Gather news feeds (RSS, Atom) from blogs, video channels, etc. in a single viewing place (alternative to Google Reader).


Do your searches on an engine which will query Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, etc. while making the requests anonymous and avoiding tracking.


Put on one side blog articles and the "read later" tabs and find them again easily across devices (alternative to Pocket).

Have fun with free software


Consult an online library of digital books under a libre license and download them freely (alternative to Google Books).


Players build together in this open world with numerous educational applications (alternative to Minecraft).


Framagames is a compilation of free games you can play online, on your PC or on your tablet… and that need no complementary software for the installation.


Create and modify shape based images (vector graphics, in the SVG format) simply and in a few clicks. Children love it.

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