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List of alternatives

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Framasoft aims to offer around thirty free alternative services to provide a substitute for those services which, once they get hold of us, proceed to feed upon our data.
But there are many other players working to de-google-ify Internet and many other such services.

You will find below, a list summarizing and supplementing the alternatives already presented on the home page. It is inspired by Prism-Break which promotes other software in more specialized areas.

In the list, each service generally includes a complex website communicating with software installed on a computer which stores personal data and which can be accessed through various home-based tools .

So when we use Internet, we must necessarily trust several links in the chain joining us to our personal data online. Unless we self-host, the cloud is always someone else's computer. It is therefore important to know who we are being asked to trust and what their software is doing with our data.

 At home

You use Framasoft recommends

Web browser

  •  Google Chrome
  •  Edge (Internet Explorer)
  •  Safari
  •  Opera

Internet service provider

  •  Orange
  •  SFR
  •  Free
  •  OVH

Email client

  •  Outlook
  •  Apple Mail

Micropayment and crowdfunding

  •  Patreon
  •  Flattr
  •  Tipeee

Online payments

  •  Paypal
  •  Google Wallet
  •  Apple Pay
  •  Orange Cash


You use Framasoft recommends

Redución de URL



  •  Google Bookmarks
  •  Xmarks

Lector de noticias

  •  Google Reader
  •  Feedly

Motor de búsqueda

  •  Google Search
  •  Bing
  •  Yahoo

Salvaguardia de contenido

  •  Pocket

 File sharing

You use Framasoft recommends

Almacenamiento de documentos

  •  Dropbox
  •  Google Drive
  •  iCloud Drive
  •  OneDrive

Envío de imágenes

  •  Img.ur
  •  Instagram

Notas anónimas

  •  Pastebin

Intercambio de PDF/ODP

  •  Scribd

Envío de archivos voluminosos

  •  Wetransfer
  •  Dropsend

 Media & culture

You use Framasoft recommends

Libros en línea

  •  Google Books
  •  Amazon

Alojamiento de vídeos

  •  Youtube
  •  Vimeo
  •  Dailymotion
  •  Netflix


  •  Deezer
  •  Spotify
  •  Soundcloud

Photo album

  •  Flickr
  •  Instagram
  •  Picasa
  •  Tumblr
  •  Pinterest


  •  Universalis


You use Framasoft recommends


  •  Google Maps
  •  Bing Maps
  •  ViaMichelin
  •  Mappy


You use Framasoft recommends

Educational game

  •  Minecraft


  •  Kongregate
  •  Angry Bird
  •  Candy Crush


  •  AirBnB

Car sharing

  •  Blablacar

Travel guide

  •  Guide du Routard
  •  Petit Futé
  •  Voyage Michelin


You use Framasoft recommends

Alojamiento de sitios

  •  Blogger
  •  Pages Jaunes
  •  OverBlog
  •  Skyblog

Web statistics

  •  Google Analytics
  •  Xiti

Web hosting & cloud

  •  OVH
  •  Online


You use Framasoft recommends

Alojamiento de código

  •  GitHub
  •  Google Code
  •  SourceForge

Código compartido

  •  jsFiddle
  •  Codepen

Traducción de software

  •  Transifex